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1. Client has the right to occupy the space(s) during the times specified in contract. All activities must be completed during this time, including: load-in, setup, performance, reception, and cleanup. OVERAGE FEES APPLY.

2. All event staffing (e. g. ticket sales, ushers, lighting & sound, stage/house manager, food & beverage service, security, etc.) must be provided by the client/caterer, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

3. All Trianon rental spaces come with a basic configuration of tables and chairs. Additional tables and chairs are available and may be moved respecting Trianon Theatre guidelines. All extra tables/chairs and other items must be returned to original location and venue spaces returned to original configuration at the end of the event. Additional charges apply if space is not returned to original configuration.

4. Loading parking and access are located curbside directly in front of the theatre.

5. Trianon Theatre is not responsible for damage or loss of any items left in the theatre prior to, during or following your function.

6. All items to be displayed in room and on walls must be approved by Trianon Theatre management.

7. Client is responsible for ensuring that all persons working or volunteering with the Client for the event review and comply with all the policies and procedures described herein.

8. The Trianon Theatre name may only be used to announce the location of the event and no claims must be made that Trianon Theatre is in any way sponsoring or hosting the event.

9. It is required that the Client provide adult supervision at all times for children on the facility. Children should not be left unattended at any time, and are not allowed to play in the theatre hallways, staircase or on the second floor.

11.Client understands that there will be other concurrent activities taking place during the Client events and Client shall not encumber or interfere with access to any theatre areas needed during this time.

12.Client is responsible for becoming familiar with the emergency exit signs & procedure information posted at the theatre.

13. Client is not allowed to modify speakers/microphones/other devices connections and setup.  If modification is required please ask theatre’s staff for assistance.

14. Pianos cannot be removed from the stage, but may be moved to different areas of the stage under Trianon Theatre staff supervision.

15. Historic, antique pipe organ located on the floor in front of the Main Theatre is non-functioning and cannot be moved from its current location. No liquid products must be placed on top of it.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS : Access to the first floor is available. Access to the 2nd floor is not available.


Main Theatre Seating Chart

The main theatre seating chart is available here


There is a minimum 3-hour rental time for any space at the theatre. Typical weekend* rentals are: 

  • Morning 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

  • Afternoon 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

  • Evening 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Some time slots may be adjusted based on availability, which requires an advance agreement with the theatre. Additional fees will apply if slot times are extended.

* Prime time (Friday evening through Sunday evening). Sunday morning is not available for rental.


1. No food is allowed inside the Main Theatre or the Recital Hall.

2. No food or drinks (except water) can be served in the lobby unless approved in advance in the contract.

3. Food and beverages catered from an outside vendor may be served in the Banquet Hall or in the Cafe Trianon area.

4. A cleaning fee will be applied for any event that includes food and beverages.

5. The banquet hall kitchen may be used for food setup only; it may not be used to prepare food, heat food or for clean up.


1. A signed Rental Contract & Policy Agreement and 50 % deposit is required to secure the booking date. Final payments are due 2 weeks prior to the event.

2. Rental of the Main Theatre includes use of the Green Room. The Main Lobby is open to all the theatre’s guests before & after the event, as well as during the intermissions. While using the lobby area please be respectful of other activities at the theatre.

3. Use of the following basic equipment is included in the rental:

❏       Fixed stage lighting

❏       Yamaha EMX5014C PA system (Main Theatre)

❏       2 microphones in the Main Theatre, one in the Recital Hall, one in the Banquet Hall

❏      Up to 5 music stands (Main Theatre and the Recital Hall).

❏      Access to additional tables and chairs  - these must be returned to their original location at the end of the event.

❏      Black table skirts

❏      Disposable table cloths

4. Following items are available for an additional fee:

❏      Up to 6 additional wired mics in the Main Theatre

❏      2 hand held Wi-Fi microphones

❏      Screen

❏      Projector

❏      Up to 21 music stands and the Director stand (the orchestra set up)

5. All ticketed events are required to rent the Box Office area.

6. If food or beverages other than water are to be served, the banquet hall or the Café Trianon can be rented for an additional cost depending on availability. A cleaning fee will be applied for any event that includes food and beverages.


1. All load-ins and load-outs must take place within the designated time frame specified by the contract. If there is an event prior to yours a timed delivery will be required.

2. The theatre is not responsible for checking in or handling any items brought into the venue by rental companies. Coordination of all materials going in and out of the theatre for an event is to be provided by the client. All external items must be checked in and signed for by the client or client’s representative. All excess material (such as bubble wrap, boxes, hangers, plastic, etc.) created by deliveries must be removed and disposed of by rental company, client, or client’s representative.


Open to the public free parking is available in the Fourth/St. John Garage San Jose City Parking lot across the street from the Theatre during weekdays from 6 pm to 1.00 am and on weekends. You cannot enter the parking facility after 10:00pm. Street parking in the area is limited. Parking is also available in other garages near the theatre including the Fourth Street Garage on 4th street.


Steinway & Sons  Model D  Satin Ebony concert grand  with Artist bench is available in the Main Theatre.

Steinway& Sons Model B Satin Ebony grand  with Artist Bench is available in the Recital Hall.


1. Clients whose recital or concert requires a piano rental will see a piano rental fee listed on their invoice.

2. A separate piano fee applies for each time slot (up to 4 hours).

3. Nothing should be placed on top of the pianos – no liquids, no solids, nothing.

4. Clients are required to leave that piano in the same condition that they found it in, obey by all procedures for each piano, and to make certain that there is no damage during rental.

 5. In the case where there is damage, client will pay the cost of all repairs necessary required to restore it to be in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the event.

6. If any repairs are necessary, client will be billed within 3 business days and/or completion of the repair.


Steinway pianos at the theatre are under an exclusive care of Dave Stahl Piano Service. Both instruments are tuned on a regular basis. Customers who require an additional tuning prior to their event must contact Dave Stahl and pay for the tuning service directly to the technician. Additional tuning is not included in the contract.

Dave Stahl Piano Service

Ph. # (650) 2243560




Please use our Booking Inquiry form for availability and pricing information